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The second Lin lost her bending, we were guaranteed that Korra would figure out a way to get it back.

I hope.

Also, what if Tenzin is going to hide with one of his siblings? Bumi or Kya?

So apparently it will be an Equalist/Fire Nation vessel showdown.

Korra will fight alongside General Iroh.

Then this throws me off. Where is the ice coming from? At first I suppose they’re near the mountains. Likely are.

But at some point in time, this person^ presumable Korra, will fight in the Southern Water Tribe. 

Is it Korra? I see the pony tail, so perhaps it is. Maybe there’s Tonraq/Senna/Korra interaction?

I want to address this as well. Amon looks like he is bending. Or being bloodbent.

This is just a random collection of observations for the finale. We can only wait and see.

I like an agree with most of this. I assume Iroh will arrive at republic city to be defeated, but manage to escape with Korra’s new found bending strength. She seems much more in control of that watornado?

Yeah that picture with Bolin? earthbending does throw me off. I guess they escape back to the Southern water tribe and are pursued after. Hopefully we will see what we’ve all benn waiting for…a little teaching of some new waterbending tricks from master Katara. BloodBending does seem like a probable method to fall back on in desperate times…which could explain the last pic of Amon. We can assume hes breaking free of some bloodbending.

And watching the video again and again it looks to be that mako is being held down by blood bending. His hand makes that very peculiar bent position that we always see. Or it might be he was electrocuted? I’m placing my money on bloodbending. I am more and more convinced Amon knows how to bend. Everything. Energy, and Elements.

Which lead to this

What happens next? It cuts off With her hes closing shut. To what? Conically to open up glowing bright into the Avatar state? I think that what we all hope for and anticipate. But I just have a bitter taste of what amon is doing with the Sixth Chakara! I want to know! catch up with my “theory" if you missed it and are interested in more

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It’s actually a really nice feeling to see a positive response to my Amon Theory.
I am going to continue writing up analysis on certain aspects of the show that seem unclear, but I would also love to answer any questions you all might have to the best of my ability!

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Ledgend of Korra Theory; Amon The first AetherBender

After watching the latest episode of Korra, I was enticed to go watch a couple of the important episodes from AtLA to refreshen my memory. The first one i started with was Season 2 Episode 19, The Guru. This is the episode aang almost is able to unlock his 7 chakras.

Lets discuss the two chakras we have seen aang touch while “energy” bending away the ability to bend a element.

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Ledgend of Korra Theory; Amon The first AetherBender

After watching the latest episode of Korra, I was enticed to go watch a couple of the important episodes from AtLA to refreshen my memory. The first one i started with was Season 2 Episode 19, The Guru. This is the episode aang almost is able to unlock his 7 chakras.

Lets discuss the two chakras we have seen aang touch while “energy” bending away the ability to bend a element.

  • The Fourth Chakra, Located in the region near the Heart deals with love, and is blocked by grief. Aang visualizes the entire air nomad civilization dissipating away into the air that surrounds him then turns into the facial image of Katara.

    1. Korra’s fourth chakra has obviously been disrupted since the begging of the series and although she acts mature and is able to “let go” of mako, deep down inside..she can’t.. But the guru tells aang Love is a form of energy which swirls all around us. My assumption, the mastery/understanding of this chakra might be  the way for Korra to defeat Amon.

    2. It’s needless to say, Amon’s fourth chakra is clogged up/ or sealed shut after the incident with his family and the firebender. He is unable to let go of the greif by blaming many for the actions of one or a few. This block or unwillingness to let go of the past explains why he is only using the sixth chakra to block bending. Yes, he is blocking bending..not taking it away.
  • The Sixth Chakra, is the light chakra Located in the center of the forehead and deals with insight. It is blocked by illusion. “The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole.”-Guru
    1. What can we assume of Amon with this information then? That he has a very specific mastery over one particular chakra. That by blocking this chakra, Amon creates an illusion. An illusion that he has the ability to permanently take away bending. That is not the case. After Amon blocks the 6th chakra,  Cosmic energy swirls into the 7th, and swirls right back out because it cant flow down the body.

    2. All the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole. What is the result of combining four elements? Lets find out…
      Body(Earth)+ Blood (Water)+ Oxygen/lung (Air)+Desire/The will to live (Fire), combining all of these equals a Human being. The combination of the four elements gives birth to the original/source element. The 5th element, Aether. . Humans are able to function by using energy/ Aether.

    3. Amon has an elite knowledge of the Human body and understands the distribution of chakra energy and the different pressure points. . it’s also safe to assume he as a vast knowledge on the 6th chakra, and how exactly to close it. He traumatizes his victims using the 6th chakra to induce the ultimate living ILLUSION=The illusion that the bender is separated from his element. It’s pretty much like hypnosis. They should physically still have the ability to bend…but the mental block set by Amon is so daunting, they have no faith in themselves. It’s all a mental trick.
      • i.e Zuko when he joined team avatar. He couldn’t firebend because of mental disturbances. I assume many of the people that have gotten their bending taken away will go through a similar process of relearning how to bend the “original way” just like Zuko and Aang did in the Sun Warrior episode.
  • The Fifth Element; Aether
    1. Described as the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water descend from. “In the era before the avatar, we bent not the elements but the energies in and around us”-Lion turtle
    2. the combination of the four elements make up that which is Aether, and that Aether exists in every living creature in existence; without Aether, there is no spirit, no soul, no bending.

  • Purpose of Amon as an AetherBender
    1. I for one do not doubt that Amon has spoken to the spirits and was taught this ability. Isn’t it obviously to see how complacent bending can make a person? Tahno is the perfect example. He seems like a genuine guy once his bending is taken away. And that is exactly what I think Amon’s character function is.
      Not to rid the world of bending, but to elicit a change in respect towards bending. Bending is a sacred art and union with nature. Once people realize this, they may enter their own Avatar state, bending with complete control and awareness of their actions. I honestly think this is an effort to restore bending to a purer unification of the individual and the elements.

      Of course the Avatar has to remain the Beacon of light and hope, the one who maintains balance. So Korra can’t be going around teaching people to respect their bending ability the nice way, nor can she take it away(physically she doesn’t have the ability or knowledge) plus that violate the validity of the Avatar.. No, the people needed a catalyst before bending got completely corrupt and a sheep to put the blame on. Lo and behold it’s a baby boy! Lets name him Amon.

      And the mask is just a meager characterization Trope people, don’t get sucked into it! Worry about his function on the show, not who he is. Its not the mask that makes the person…its the person that makes the mask.

    Also just going to leave this here if you’re not satisfied.

    In Greek mythology, Aether , also known as Acmon, is one of the primordial deities, the first-born elementals. His name means “light” in ancient Greek.

    OK, now it’s just plain as daylight. Literally..I mean how close to a name can you get?. Amon is here to show us the light and cleanse us of our bending sins!!

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An Analysis of the Flashbacks


As of this morning’s episode, I think I’ve been able to piece together what happened 42 years prior to the events of The Legend of Korra.

Read More

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a completely self-indulgent speedpaint sketch of that cool Tahno-bloodbending theory going around before I go back to drowning in homework

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Korra’s character development in episode 4 was just amazing

it’s been 4 months since I last drew korra so I must draw more!

unf what a gorgeous style

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so Pema’s baby-to-be


we know that it could be a non-bender, but are there any chances of it being a water-bender?

i mean Katara is that kid’s grandma, don’t her …. bendering-genes get passed down any more than one generation?

just a thought~

A constant thought on my mind. I just wish they would reveal a little more knowledge about the way bending is inherited.
Lets remember Toph even said she learned Earth bending from the Badgermoles.

*And we know that each element was first learned by watching either other animals bend or the moon in a waterbenders case. So why cant a non bender just learn bending by being immersed in the practice.

That leads me to all the airbender monks we first saw living on air temple island. Were they born air benders (if they can even bend at all) or taught by aang and tenzin?

They might also be able to explain bending inheritance by informing us of Mako/Bolin’s mother..was she a earth bender? non bender? Knowing would allow us to see how two brothers can have different bending from the same parents.

I really wish they just would establish some concrete rules for the world of the avatar so my mind can rest easy. But then again I wouldnt be having all this fun thinking about avatar. Just need some answers provided and end rant.

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It’s the human version of Pabu and Naga. :) I know, the colouring is a huuuuuge fail.

I feel that Pabu would be a charming womanizer like Bolin, and Naga would be very understanding and friendly, while being merciless and vicious.  Enjoooooy!

Art and designs(c) me, Foxsnout45

Pabu and Naga(c)LoK

asDFLHSAFSADFSAFsLFhslfafdh YES <3333333

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